Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge Collector’s Edition

Savor the first installment of a fresh new magical fantasy book series!

The first book in a brand-new series of contemporary magical fantasy is Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge - Collector's Edition! There's more to your friend Ymir and this masquerade than meets the eye, even though Ymir has invited you to the yearly Venice masquerade. Since Ymir is an elf, this is the one time of year that she and her friends can travel among people without revealing the existence of the magical beings' hidden realm! Regretfully, there is someone who is determined to ruin the celebration by telling everyone else their secret! Before the world finds out, solve the case by putting yourself in the shoes of a supernatural detective. The magical realm is depending on you in this exciting new journey.





- You have to stop humans and merfolk from clashing in the bonus chapter!

- There are still tons of collectibles and moving items to find!

- Check our concept art to see how the game was created!

- Music and wallpaper files that you can download take you to a wonderful place!

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