Magic City Detective: The Carnival Begins Collector’s Edition

Join Elizabeth, a half-blood wizard, on a mythical journey with Magic City Detective - The Carnival Begins Collector's Edition

The city of New Orleans is trembling with excitement as Mardi Gras unfolds in a dazzling display of festive hues. Elizabeth, a gifted half-blood magician, has offered her assistance, but questions linger about her true intentions. Meanwhile, the realms of Men and Others are gripped with anticipation as a significant event is about to unfold, one that could disrupt the balance of everything.

At the center of these momentous occurrences is you, the Magical Detective. Your prowess in uncovering killers and banishing malevolent spirits is unmatched. However, caution must be exercised—temptation's allure is strong, and it may have already found a place in your heart.



  • Access to a special extra chapter is unlocked by playing the main game.
  • Wallpapers are available to immerse you in the vibrant spirit of the Big Easy.
  • A collection of concept art offers insights into the creative process behind the scenes.
  • Favorite puzzles and mini-games can be replayed for continued enjoyment.
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