Magic City Detective: Secret Desire Collector’s Edition

The renowned magical world investigator has returned, and a vampire envoy is requesting your help.

The well-known magical world investigator is back on the trail, this time accompanied by his elf companion Ymir! An ambassador from the vampires wants your help this time. A horrible calamity has befallen the vampire community. The person who created the artificial blood serum has disappeared. Vampires can no longer live in peace and conceal their real nature from the outside world without the serum. Finding the renowned alchemist is essential if you and your companion are to prevent the vampires from suffering irreversible damage. Investigate independently by searching for items and resolving captivating puzzles. Track down the troublemaker and rescue the world! Gather your cunning for an incredible detective tale in this thrilling new hidden-object puzzle adventure!





- Find the enigmatic figure who's trying to wipe out vampires in the Bonus Chapter!

- Take advantage of extra stuff including concept art, music, wallpapers, and more!

- Gather objects that will aid in your education about the vampire community!

- Locate things, work out riddles, engage in minigames, and unlock achievements!

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