Magic City Detective: Rage Under Moon Collector’s Edition

Put an end to the kidnappings and calm the city's fears!

Fear obliterates the notion of values, yet it shouldn't stop you from solving the Animages' disappearance. Put an end to the kidnappings and calm the city's fears! The Magic City Detective is back with another tough case! Over the past several days, photographs in the vibrant city of Paris have been disappearing more and more; nobody is sure what could be the source of this. What a coincidence: the local morgue is seeing an increase in the number of exsanguinated bodies being admitted. The Ministry of Control of Magic Races shows interest, and you and the member of the most powerful images clan in the capital are given charge of the investigation. However, something is developing. Rely on no one.





-Werewolves are vicious, dangerous animals that ought to be avoided! Help a young werewolf who doesn't know the full scope of her fate on the worst night of her life!

- Mysteries and secrets!

- Get ready for thrilling minigames and puzzles! Get ready to explore the mysterious and enigmatic streets of Paris while taking on the role of a mystical city investigator!

- A brand-new fantasy story episode is jam-packed with enigmatic artefacts that the investigator needs to find to move forward with the inquiry!

- Gather a variety of fascinating items while taking in Paris's sights!

- Bonus chapter!


Following the conclusion of the main story, you'll have access to one more enigmatic mission that will captivate you and challenge your investigative abilities! Don't let your skills let an image down; don't disappoint people!

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