Ludo Master

Roll the dice and be the first person to the finish line!

Ludo (often recognized as Pachisi, Sorry, or Don't get angry) doesn't require much introduction. We've all played this well-known board game and enjoyed rolling the dice, hitting other player's pieces, and avoiding getting struck by our pals while we waited for the six to appear! To put it plainly, Ludo Master is modelled after a board game that can be played by two to four people. In this game, players roll dice and attempt to get their tokens across the finish line first. You can now play Ludo Master in a real-time, three-dimensional setting and experience the same thrills with up to three pals or against the computer!





  • 3D environment and wonderful graphics
  • Play by yourself, against up to 3 friends, or against up to 3 computer-controlled players
  • A wide selection of exquisitely designed boards and backgrounds
  • Amazing sound effects and humorous combat sequences
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