Love Chronicles: Beyond the Shadows Collector’s Edition

You are now an adult!
However, your happy occasion takes a sinister turn when you're drawn into a Shadow World.

You have finally reached adulthood as Princess Lerione, the kind Queen Alura's heir apparent! Being drawn into the Shadow World rapidly turns what should have been a happy event into a terrible one. The troubled past your mother had could become your future. You have been handed an item by your mentor, the sage wizard Lucio, that has the power to return you home; however, it is up to you to decide whether to utilize it for good or evil. You will use it to decide the realms of Light and Shadow's final destiny! As your mother did, will you side with the forces of light or succumb to the inner darkness? Discover this thrilling hidden-object puzzle journey!





- Take on the role of Sebastian the Cat in the additional chapter!
- Gather statues and transforming items to discover more about the characters!
- With the soundtrack, concept art, and wallpapers to help you remember your journey, you'll never get lost.
- A strategy guide is also available.

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