Living Legends: Voice of the Sea Collector’s Edition

Will you have enough time to undo Neptune's deadly curse?
In Voice of the Sea: Living Legends CE

Come along on the next enigmatic Living Legends series adventure with us! Your brother has invited you to Sunshine Island for Neptune Day! The signing of a pact between the Islanders and the mariners will be honored throughout the festivities. Instead of a pleasant reunion, you're faced with a curse that changes people into salt sculptures and monsters! The lives of everyone on the island are in danger because someone has infuriated the Lord of the Sea and his daughters! In time to save your brother and the rest of the island, will you be able to heal the division between the two peoples? You'll discover in this amazing Hidden-Object Puzzle journey.





- Prevent the Sea Witch's sorcery from harming Davy Jones and his Flying Dutchman! Locate the stockpile held by the Warlock Captain!
- Relive your best minigames and HOPs. During the game, gather special characters and morphing items to unlock a unique extra game! Savor the game's soundtrack, screensavers, and concept art! Put these away for later!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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