Lily’s Epic Quest

Accompany Lily in her heroic search for the greatest riches, notoriety, and glory!

Lily's grandfather was a well-known archaeologist nearly a lifetime ago. He has been searching the globe for undiscovered diamonds since he was a small child. Lily becomes a young archaeologist and follows in the footsteps of her grandfather. Her heroic search for the greatest wealth, notoriety, and glory starts in a tiny village beneath their own home's garden.

Lily's Epic Quest is a creative addition to the match-3 genre. In addition to well-known match-3 elements, you let Lily pass over several ground strata. Blocks must be removed to provide room for Lily's journey to the earth's center. Discover over 200 collectibles while exploring eight enchanted realms in pursuit of rare jewels and relics.





  • Match 3 with a free-roaming playfield!
  • Discover eight stunning magical worlds and solve 115 puzzles.
  • Find more than 200 riches and useful things.
  • Discover hidden doors and strong equipment like dynamite and power drills.
  • Play thrilling minigames.
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