League of Light: Silent Mountain Collector’s Edition

There's an icy adventure ahead!

The League of Light sends you to locate a fellow agent who goes missing in the vicinity of Stoneville, a town in the mountains. But you soon come to understand that this is no typical town. Unexpected rock formations emerge, and things in your hands instantly turn stone in front of your eyes! Without any justification, the town has been cut off from the outside world for years. Why did the villagers withdraw from one another? What horrible secret did they have to hide? Finding out is necessary if you want to survive this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and save your fellow agent! Uncover the mysteries of Stoneville, a mystery mountain village!





- In the additional chapter, protect the League of Light against the Shadow Guards!
- Gather sculptures of League of Light characters and hidden owls!
- Scort achievements to advance in the game!
- Keep in mind your trip with these extras: screensavers, wallpapers, music, and artwork.

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