Labyrinths of the World: Stonehenge Legend Collector’s Edition

Ice and fire portals open up at Stonehenge following an explosion!
Can you crack the code?

Two mystical gateways that are spouting fire and ice have been torn open at Stonehenge, almost killing your sister Margaret! To assist limit the disaster before these elemental forces destroy the globe, Mi6 has dispatched one of their best agents. Join forces with him to figure out how to get into these other realms and discover the reason. In this deep hidden-object puzzle adventure game, you'll uncover the real meaning behind Stonehenge, one of history's greatest mysteries, along the way!





- Finish delving into the mysteries of the ancient Vikings and preserve the planet's climate!
- Finish gathering all of the statuettes, morphing items, achievements, and artifacts you have! Play minigames and puzzles again, and get original concept art, soundtracks, and films. Get the useful Strategy Guide here.

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