Labyrinths of the World: Secrets of Easter Island Collector’s Edition

This is not your typical holiday.
Read more about Easter Island CE in Labyrinths of the World: Secrets of the Island

Take pleasure in the most recent release in the Labyrinths of the World series! You've won a trip as a thank you from MI6 for saving the planet. When an ancient god and their stone statues assault your world, what begins as a peaceful escape rapidly turns disastrous! Can you halt the damage before it becomes too late? In this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle journey, find out!





- Conquer Atakhtar's malevolent sibling in the extra chapter!
- Gather interesting relics, changing animals, and figurines.
- Get achievements and play minigames and hidden-object puzzles again.
- Gather crystal blossoms and utilize them to decorate the garden residence.
- Appreciate videos, music, concept art, and wallpapers!

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