Labyrinths of the World: Game of Minds Collector’s Edition

Labyrinths of the World: The Game of Minds CE discovers that in dire circumstances, desperate measures

Labyrinths of the World, the most recent and astounding installment in the series, is now accessible! When a research trip to the Scottish lighthouse Eilean Mor reveals a passage to another world, Simon and Naomi are given a crash course in the mystery lighthouse's real history! However, they have hardly had time to get their bearings when Briel, a gigantic and malevolent monster, kidnaps Naomi! Now, before Briel turns his attention to Earth, Simon needs to save Naomi, reveal his betrayal, and unearth his wicked plan! Get your brains together and take on the challenge of helping Simon navigate this amazing alternate universe full with lethal animals, breathtaking scenery, and nefarious deeds in this peculiar Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!




- In the bonus game, protect Yonas from Serena's takeover!
- Several collected items, including morphing things, to discover more about this fascinating universe!
- Use the strategy guide to beat Briel at his own game!
- Downloadable background music and images to enable desktop travel to the other world!

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