Labyrinths of the World: Changing the Past Collector’s Edition

The past is not irreversible.

The past is not irreversible. Here's your chance to make a change! Tracking down a fellow agent who appears to have gone rogue in order to save his sweetheart is your task this time. Does a more sinister scheme, perhaps, lie behind his search for these potent relics? Discover more in this intricate hidden-object puzzle adventure game! Play Match-3 games, morphing, listed, and interactive HOPs, and much more!





- Take a trip to a far-off future in the bonus game.
- There are three distinct kinds of collectables to locate!
- Find out which historical era you belong to by taking a personality quiz!
- Achieve goals and take pleasure in the music, graphics, and additional features.
- Relive your best HOPs and mini-games.

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