Kelly Green: Garden Queen

Expand your garden business by starting small.

Kelly, a city girl, left the concrete jungle to start Kelly Green Garden Queen, a burgeoning organic nursery. Kelly's small-town life proves to be anything but boring as a variety of customers drop in and the phone rings nonstop. Join in the fun while the eccentric family and Kelly's hippie brother assist with gardening. Create original flower arrangements, provide lemonade as a bribe to a demanding businesswoman, or impress the neighbourhood farmer with a display of twenty different plants. Is it possible for you to grow the nursery from a few pots to a sizable, flourishing oasis? With every season bringing new obstacles, are you up to the task? Choose from 50 garden devices to buy and arrange on a zoomable screen to create the perfect look for your plot. In Kelly Green Garden Queen, your satisfying prize will be grateful friends and blooming flowers!

System requirements:
- Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- Processor of 1GHz or faster
- Memory of 768MB (1GB for Vista)
- Video card of 16MB (32-bit graphics)
- Hard drive space of 80MB
- Direct X7.0 or later

Game details
Release Date
Download Size
75 MB

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