Incredible Dracula: Witches’ Curse

Stop three witches from destroying all magic in their pursuit of eternal youth!

Stop three witches from destroying all magic in their pursuit of eternal youth! Dracula's undead hands are full in this all-new adventure, which sets him against a truculent trio of elderly witches who would go to any length to regain their youth. More than their smooth skin and full-bodied hair are at stake; if the old hags succeed, they will have permanently depleted the world of magic! You'll bash your way through obstacles, reconstruct damaged villages, and produce the materials you need to complete these and other chores as you go through 50 levels packed with exciting puzzles that will test your gray matter and push you against the clock. You'll complete a dozen side missions for crazy people, battle wacky opponents, and learn the truth about the witches' schemes by using boosters, spells, and good old-fashioned elbow grease. Each level introduces you to fresh characters and challenges. In one, you'll discover how to cast a spell that will drive a bad spirit from a snowman; in another, you'll learn how to concoct a potion that would turn Dracula's wife into a bat, allowing her to ascend a volcano before it erupts. Those who go on this epic voyage will have hours of enjoyment! Has Dracula met his match, or will he be able to save the day? You hold the fate of all magic in your hands!





- A witty adventure and magic story

- Craft goods, cast spells, and concoct potions

- Game modes for both casual and skilled players

- Vibrant, colorful artwork and animation

- Learn-as-you-play instruction

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