Incredible Dracula: Ocean’s Call

Set out on an astonishing mission unlike any you've ever encountered!

A massive beast of unknown origin has escaped from its freezing prison, causing a global catastrophe! People are wondering who and how to stop the ancient beast as it wades through the world's oceans, trailed by a swarm of aquatic critters. Only the fearsome Count Dracula stands between the creature and what appears to be the world's impending catastrophe. Join the count as he begins on a quest that will bring him face-to-face with old friends and new opponents, as well as a slew of odd sea animals that will put a stop to him. Before the epic finale of the story, you'll go through freezing planets and scorching realms to discover the actual nature of the beast and complete an astonishing mission unlike any you've ever undertaken. Along the way, you'll be racing against the clock to overcome obstacles, gather what you need to keep going and perform exciting side objectives. The rest of the world is waiting for you. Join Dracula now and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!



Features include:


- 50 difficult levels to finish

- 33 rewarding milestones to obtain

- Modes for both new and experienced players

- A simple learn-as-you-play tutorial

- Vibrant imagery and animation

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Release Date
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380 MB

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