Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret Collector’s Edition

Save Dracula from his annoying relatives!

In this fascinating new adventure, save Dracula from the horrific horrors of pesky relatives! When a swarm of Dracula's distant relatives arrives at his castle, expecting a warm welcome from their cold-blooded lord, he reluctantly accepts them. But when they refuse to leave, his tolerance runs thin. To send them on their way and reclaim his previous status as Lord of the Castle, he must capture the creature that destroyed his family's properties and restore them to their former glory. Join Dracula and his zombified servant Rufus on their journey to find the beast and heal the devastation it has caused. You'll need to manage your time and resources well to complete each quest and earn the best rewards. The Collector's Edition of Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret will keep you clicking happily for hours as you complete the main quest and bonus chapter and pore over the extras, which include a step-by-step strategy guide, downloadable media, and more! Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret goes for the jugular and strikes the funny bone with colorful graphics, hard tasks, and a plot full of laughter!Features include: a thrilling main mission plus a bonus chapter; colorful graphics and animation; timed or relaxed gameplay; simple point-and-click controls; and a comprehensive tutorial and guide.

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