Incredible Dracula 5: Vargosi Returns

Vargosi Returns in Incredible Dracula 5 - It's time for the castle's lady to take command!

It's time for the lady of the castle to take command in this exhilarating adventure with an unexpected role-reversal twist! When Dracula's old foe, Count Vargosi, escapes from captivity, he has one goal in mind: to reach the Moon Well, a fabled location where he can become invincible! Dracula would normally try to stop Vargosi on his own, but he is gone when the news breaks, so he instructs his wife, Elizabeth, to look for the villain on her own. With the countess in command, Rufus, Vladdy, and the rest of the gang must keep on Vargosi's tail while completing hard tasks filled with fascinating quests, unique obstacles, and funny characters! The game may be tailored to fit everyone's taste, from novices who want to cut their fangs on the game's basic setting to professional players who want to make Rufus sweat. Players who figure out the fastest way to conquer barriers and create and acquire resources will be awarded bragging rights to a slew of fantastic achievements! Break away from the mundane and live a little! Today, download and play Incredible Dracula: Vargosi Returns!





- Dozens of exciting levels

- Vibrant artwork and animation

- Beginner and advanced player options

- Exciting plot with a female lead

- Easy point-and-click controls

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