Hotel Ever After – Ella’s Wish

Her family's house is to be demolished!
In Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish, assist in saving it.

It's a house, not a hotel. Ella was raised there. When she was younger, she used to play games in the garden. And now it might be destroyed! A brand-new hotel time management game called Hotel Ever After – Ella's Wish features Ella Centola. Get engrossed in this suspenseful and dishonest modern-day Cinderella tale! Do you recall every significant location in your life? Which park is your favorite, which tree did you read books under as a kid, or which place did you go when your heart broke for the first time? If those locations were going to be demolished, how would you respond? Ella has to deal with that. What is the worst aspect? The one threatening to ruin everything is her own stepmother! Ella needs your assistance to preserve everything that she values. You'll be doing more in this narrative game than just helping visitors check in. The workers at the hotel are more than just employees - they're family. Some have witnessed Ella's maturation! It will be your responsibility to look after them and make sure their jobs are secure. You'll also need to assist with any hotel-related tasks, such as maintaining the paperwork, helping out at the bar, and cleaning rooms. And if that wasn't enough, Ella has to make it a two-star hotel! If not, a mogul who buys it from her stepmother will demolish it. Ella uses social media in the hopes of attracting influencers who will publicize the hotel. Will Ella's abilities on social media be sufficient to attract more visitors? Ella is aware that having a few powerful influencer females will be extremely beneficial to her mission. Will she eventually get the two stars, or is the hotel doomed? Test your people and time management abilities to help Ella preserve her family's dream!





- Take up the role of Ella and assist the visitors in the lobby.

- Attend to patrons at the bar and in the restaurant

- Assist the hotel personnel in remodeling the rooms.

- Explore 60 captivating narrative levels related to time management.

- Discover mouthwatering narratives and amazing fables

- Quickly finish the dishes and maintain the hotel's cleanliness

- Assist a contemporary Cinderella in preparing for the ball!

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