Hidden Riddles. The Amazon Mystery

Embark on a detective narrative!

Detective work is not an easy job! However, the fearless Detective Louis is unafraid as he is sent deep into the Amazon jungle to assist his client in solving a fascinating case! A detective story with twists and turns, 150 vibrant nonogram puzzles of your choosing, and a relaxing soundtrack have all been crafted for your delight! Enigmatic riddles can be solved to test oneself and pass the time. The complicated case of the Amazon Mystery is unravelled by Detective Louis as stages are completed and puzzles are solved.


Features include:


- 150 colorful and unforgettable levels!

- Eye-catching graphics effects!

- Bright images resembling those from the Amazon jungle!

- Logical and abstract thinking abilities are honed by flexing your cerebral muscles!

- Intuitive user interface and engaging gameplay!

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