Hidden Expedition: The Price of Paradise Collector’s Edition

Mother Nature Returns Fire!
The Collector's Edition of Hidden Expedition: The Price of Paradise

With great pride, we present the next thrilling installment in the Hidden Expedition series.The text reads: As a specialist in ancient Aztec languages, this is your first field trip. You want to impress the people, but when Coatlicue, the Aztec goddess of nature, is awakened, things take a surprising turn! It's now your job to find and stop the human that Coatlicue assigned to carry out her mission of reclaiming the planet and punishing humanity. It will take all of your cunning and puzzle-solving abilities to outsmart this lethal threat and deliver Coatlicue to her eternal resting place. Can you take on her challenge with enough bravery? Discover in this thrilling new puzzle adventure with hidden objects!





- Accompany Dave Brannan and the H.E.L.P. squad as they hunt down members of the Relic Sales Company, a gang that steals artifacts and is quite dangerous.

- Assist in preserving the Vase of Wind and other potent Aztec relics!

- Throughout the game, look for mementos and Aztec calendar pieces to unlock additional stories.

- Replay your preferred minigames and HOPs to increase your achievement points!

- Store your best Aztec experiences in the form of concept art, music, and wallpapers.

- Use the strategy guide to stay on course for your journey!

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