Hidden Expedition: The Eternal Emperor Collector’s Edition

Numerous mysteries exist in the past; can you solve the Qin dynasty's mystery?

Appreciate this week's Hidden Expedition segment! The text reads: You have been summoned to China to assist with the excavation of the last resting site of the ancient Emperor Qin. When your coworkers' lives are in jeopardy, what begins as a straightforward assignment swiftly transforms into an unforgettable encounter. Before your time runs out, can you solve the mysteries of the Qin dynasty and save your friends? Discover more in this incredible hidden-object puzzle journey!





- Look into a mystery from ancient China and contribute to the rescue of modern China!

- Get extra challenges and replay mini-games and puzzles.

- Gather mementoes, trivia cards, changing items, and more!

- Recall your trip with the help of wallpapers, soundtracks, and videos.

- The useful strategy guide ensures that you never get lost.

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