Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity Collector’s Edition

What's concealed beneath the dome?

Hi there, Agent! For you, we have yet another peculiar case. An odd signal that originates from the area of an abandoned weather station has been picked up by us. Though not an active seismic zone, strange earthquakes have been observed there. After being abandoned for years, there are indications of activity at the neighbouring observatory as well. There is reason to believe that something significant and potentially evil is taking place. Locate the signal and discover the reality!


In this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, unravel a mystery on top of a mountain by playing interactive, list, picture, and morphing scenarios!





- Play the extra game as one of the brilliant geniuses!

- Look for globe collectables everywhere you go!

- Replay the puzzles and HOPs!

- Get the Guide to Strategy!

- Achieve unique accomplishments!

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