Heroes of Hellas Origins: Part One

Join forces with the Greek Gods to restore harmony to a bygone era!
Part One of Heroes of Hellas Origins

Assist the gods of Greek mythology in restoring harmony to a pre-war ancient world! The sea below is illuminated by a brilliant light that descends from above as Hellas devolves into pandemonium. Poseidon emerges from within its brilliance, and he has a task for you: work together with the other gods to save your world. You'll embark on an engrossing trip filled with hours of pleasure as you pursue your mission. Make chains of glistening tokens to get rid of obstacles and gather magical things to help you on your journey. Ask the gods for assistance to clear gaming boards more quickly. And relish side trips along the road, including brainteasers or puzzle boards. The whole thing is presented in an amazing audio-visual package. When you make a long chain or release a bonus that wipes away half the game board, your screen will light up with a flaming display that will make your eyes explode. As you progress through the stages and take in the aquatic world you've created, you'll also be treated to a unique original soundtrack. Play Heroes of Hellas Origins: Part One now to discover uncharted adventure territory!





- Finish several intriguing levels.

- Take pleasure in an adventure story that never ends
- Construct an amazing underwater planet
- Solve puzzle boards that have been particularly created.

- Acquire thrilling bonuses and accomplishments

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