Hermes: War of the Gods – Collector’s Edition

Take up Zeus' call and start the journey right now!
in Hermes: The Gods' War, CE

You have to resist the evil power that is attempting to destroy Earth or else everything will collapse! Zeus is forced to enlist the help of the cunning deity Hermes to save the Greek people when an enraged goddess emerges on the opening day of the Olympics, threatening humanity with waves of fire and smoke. You'll look down on this colorful gaming world like a kind deity, leading its beleaguered citizens to victory. You'll need to act fast to restore destroyed communities, gather supplies, rescue catastrophe victims, and more in order to assist the people you meet! You'll enlist the aid of numerous gods along the road to finish a range of exciting objectives. If you construct his altar and make his chosen offering, even Zeus himself will use his incredible powers on your behalf! Everything may be done as simple as clicking on your goals: clearing obstacles, collecting bonuses, and vanquishing adversaries. You will defeat the hissing snakes and stone titans that stand in your way! But the vast, black chasm that opens out in front of you could be difficult to cross. Respond to the all-powerful god's summons and start the journey right now! Let the Olympics continue!





- Exciting narrative situated in ancient Greece

- Intelligently created quests and maps

- Easy and challenging game modesRestore famous Greek sites to gain benefits.

- An instructional play-by-play

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