Heart’s Medicine – Season One – Remastered Edition

In Heart's Medicine: Season One - Remastered Edition, cure patients.

Introduce yourself to Allison Heart, a young doctor completing her residency at the Still Creek Clinic. She's excited to start assisting those in need on her first day of supervision with the physician who encouraged her to pursue this line of work. She's ready for the hectic nature of patient care, but she's going to learn that being a doctor entails much more than just writing prescriptions and bandaging wounds. Discover drama, humor, and romance in this motivational tale as you experience the highs and lows of life as a resident physician!





- Support Dr. Allison Heartheal individuals

- Acquire mastery in medicine miniature games

- Enhance your academic abilities!

- Is it possible to save every patient?



What's New in This Version, Remastered?


- There are 30 challenge levels spread over 6 locations and 60 story levels in the game.

- The plot, dialogue, cutscenes, area layouts, designs, and basic mechanics are all identical to those of the original HM1.

- Fans of HM2 and HM3 will also enjoy that Allison and other characters in this remastered edition have the same look as in HM2 and HM3, as well as the overall feeling when playing the game, with the improved gameplay and graphics.

- However, this remaster edition has one additional last chapter that didn't exist in the original version: The Epilogue.

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