Haunted Train: Frozen in Time CE

How can you apprehend crooks who have the ability to halt time?

Olivia has been contentedly living with her spouse Daniel on Charon's legendary soul train while they battle the bad souls posing a threat to the planet. However, three days have passed since Daniel set out to track down the thief who took Charon's most potent relics the chronometers, which are timepieces capable of stopping time itself. Now that she has the last timepiece, Olivia is the only person who can stop the thief's ultimate power. Investigate the tiny community of Farrington to track out the thief and save Daniel. Before it's too late, figure out the thief's schemes and master time to save the Farrington community!





- Gain control over time with the chronograph.

- Comes with an extensive strategy guide.

- Exclusive achievements, wallpapers, and soundtrack

- Locate morphing items and collectable butterflies.
- Solve the puzzle of the interdimensional realm in the bonus game.

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