Haunted Manor: Halloween’s Uninvited Guest Collector’s Edition

Not all secrets remain buried.
Halloween's Uninvited Guest in Haunted Manor CE

This frightening episode of the Haunted Manor series will make you laugh uncontrollably.

It was meant to be a low-key, joyous Halloween celebration with your closest companions and relatives. However, you discover a darker force is at work when your guests begin to disappear. Have ghostly beings actually awoken to exact their vengeance? And what secret do they keep hidden? In this eerie hidden-object puzzle adventure game, sweets won't be given out until you make it through their pranks!





- Play the bonus game with Marianne, Regina's sister!

- To unlock accomplishments, put together a Halloween costume, fix special locks, and more!

- Find lots of hidden flying witches and things that can change shape!

- Take advantage of unique movies, concept art, wallpapers, and more!

- Avoid getting lost by using the strategy guide!

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