Haunted Legends: The Scars of Lamia Collector’s Edition

In Haunted Legends: The Scars of Lamia CE, murder has returned to the sleepy alleys of Sauvetage.

Enjoy this moment Legends of the Haunted: The Marks of Lami - The next exciting installment in the beloved Haunted Legends series! The peaceful streets of Sauvetage are the scene of a murder, and all the victims have enigmatic, shimmering scars in common. The Cardinal assigns you to look into it, but when the murderer is revealed and you discover how far some people will go to conceal the secrets of the city, things take a much darker turn. In this compelling hidden-object puzzle game, will you be able to uncover the mystery of the glowing scars and prevent the victims from mounting up?





- Play the extra game and travel to Sauvetage City to look into a series of enigmatic crimes!

- Accomplish a range of exceptional feats!

- Numerous changing lanterns and puzzle pieces await discovery!

- Take pleasure in exclusive wallpapers, concept art, soundtrack, mini-games, and replayable HOPs!

- Make sure you never get lost by using the strategy guide.

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