Haunted Hotel: The X Collector’s Edition

The Lexington Hotel is still plagued by the crimes of the past!

Collection: Haunted Hotel: The X. Samantha, your sister, has always been a tenacious person, but it seems like she may have overreached herself! While looking into the Lexington Hotel, the scene of a horrific incident that occurred decades ago, she has vanished from sight. You soon discover that the ghosts of the past are still restless and enraged when you find her. You'll have to learn the truth about what actually transpired there all those years ago if you want to locate your sister and survive. Will you have the courage to confront what lurks in the Lexington Hotel's shadowy hallways? Play this terrifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game to find out!





- Accept the challenge of the Secret Room! Can you outpace your personal record?

- In the bonus game, go back to the hotel to investigate a fresh murder!

- A ton of morphing items and secret collectables!
- Achieve goals and take advantage of concept art, wallpapers, and more!

- Replay your preferred HOPs and minigames!

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