Haunted Hotel: The Thirteenth Collector’s Edition

Good deeds never go unpunished.
Chapter Thirteen of "in the Haunted Hotel" Collector's Edition

Visit yet another evil Haunted Hotel on a journey! In this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure game, a kind deed has unimaginable repercussions! When you stop to assist a lost driver, you are killed, and your son is taken hostage by the assailant! As you follow them to the run-down Baker's Hotel, you'll quickly discover that the encounter you had on the roadside was actually a trap intended for you. Who, though, set the trap? And why do they feel such a strong need to destroy your family? Explore the afterlife to discover the solutions!





- In the additional chapter, carry on your father's mission to vanquish the Sons of Dusk!
- Play minigames and HOPs again to get achievements.

- Locate collectibles to unlock the hidden chamber!

- Savor the original artwork, music, and more features!

- With the useful strategy guide, you'll never get lost.

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