Haunted Hotel: The Axiom Butcher Collector’s Edition

Is the Axiom Butcher rising again? Greetings from the Axiom Hotel.
With luck, you might be able to flee.

Greetings from the Axiom Hotel. With luck, you might manage to escape unscathed. The killings have returned, eleven years after the Axiom Butcher terrorized the hotel. It's up to you to assist the hotel guests and solve the mystery surrounding this lunatic. Will you be the next to fail or will you realize it in time? In this eerie hidden-object puzzle adventure, find out! The text is bold.





- Explore the Axiom's past in greater detail in the Bonus Chapter!

- Look over the useful Strategy Guide.

- Put your abilities to the test with minigames, replayable HOPs, and achievements.

- Examine concept art, wallpapers, and the Secret Room.

- Learn about Crystal Balls, collectable Tarot Cards, and more!

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