Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters Collector’s Edition

The Angkorian territories have been under a curse for a very long time.
Who will put an end to it, you?

Appreciate this week's Haunted Hotel episode! You're in a creepy motel when you wake up. You have no idea how you arrived or what's in store for you. When a malicious ghost thwarts your attempts to find a way out, what begins as a straightforward hunt for escape rapidly takes a sinister turn! You must rescue both yourself and the other captive individuals. Can you find the secrets of the hotel and get out before it's too late? In this captivating hidden-object puzzle adventure, find out!





- Some people spend their entire lives at Silent Waters. Will you? Crack the code to access the enigmatic Secret Room.

- Achieve goals to showcase your abilities!

- Appreciate the game's audio, backgrounds, and other features.

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