Haunted Hotel: Ancient Bane Collector’s Edition

An eerie attraction takes a dark turn!

Abraham Shadowy intended to convert the abandoned hotel he purchased into a haunted house for his visitors. However, rumors start to circulate when his guests start to truly vanish. Is this all just a hotel publicity trick, or is there a darker motive at work? Accompany your investigative companion James as you comb through Shadowy's mechanical apparatuses in search of the truth. Be careful where you walk because it's dark inside. (strong>)Discover the terrifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Haunted Hotel: Ancient Bane Collector's Edition!Br />Br />This is unique. (strong>)Exclusive VersionAnd so on.a release jam-packed with special extras not included in the regular edition.Characteristics:Br />In the bonus game, save James and assist Anabel.- Receive recognition for your accomplishments at the hotel.- Gather twelve Egyptian artifacts- Concept art, wallpapers, screen savers, and musicA readily accessible Strategy Guide

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