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The Headless Horseman and Cursed Fates

The town of Sleepy Hollow is located in the northern region of the state, close to the upper reaches of the Hudson River. Big mysteries lurk in small places, as is often the case. One normal night, a series of violent incidents began. This village has been cursed with a terrible disease by a covert marriage and a new will. A horrible folktale has come to pass. The story of a monstrous beast that came back from hell.

Nobody onboard, leaving you in the dark Charlotte Austin, a private investigator, realizes right away that her newest assignment will be unique when she takes it. A strange letter requesting assistance in looking into the odd disappearance of a lost ship that has resurfaced without crew or cargo unexpectedly arrives from the mayor of Port Providence.

Charlotte learns that the rumours in the local press about a supposed curse might be more than just local legend during her initial attempts to investigate the case. Along with other seemingly unbelievable happenings, her encounter with a cloaked figure in the purportedly abandoned shipwreck strengthens her suspicion that Portsmouth is not as innocent as it first appears.


Detective Austin has to find the connection between Devil Island, the abandoned ship, and the unsolved local family murder case. Will she be able to uncover the curse that is destroying ships leaving Portsmouth in time to prevent further deaths? Hinterlassenschaft: Witch IslandAfter a mistaken hot air balloon flight, you find yourself on an enigmatic island. In the fascinating and engrossing hidden object adventure Legacy: Witch Island, images from the past come to life and you have to save your companion Peter. In addition to that, your grandmother left you a mirror, and it contains mysteries about the family history. You've been transported to an unidentified island in your dreams, where there is a dread. And now here you are, disoriented yet eerily recognizable. You are aware that in order to save your friend and yourself, you must unravel the mystery and set the past free. You'll succeed because of the astute raccoon and other supporting characters along the route.


In Ghost Encounters: Deadwood - The Collector's Edition, the ghost of a vicious outlaw is haunting the town of Deadwood! Grave robbers have cursed the entire village and released a ghostly curse. It's up to you to save the townspeople as they start dying one by one.


Blackjack is back to kill a lot more men after killing 21 while he was still alive. You'll be on the edge of your seat to see what happens next! Enjoy the amazing gameplay of Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure as you break the wicked spell placed on Blackjack and save the day. Explore more than 35 distinct areas as you go through more than 40 puzzles and mini-games to find the spectral antagonist Blackjack!





- Discover hours of excitement, mystery, and a hidden object.

-  Powerful visuals
-  Spooky audioStrong>Touchscreen compatibility

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