Grim Tales: The Nomad Collector’s Edition

A string of museum heists leads to a startling discovery!The Nomad CE Grim Tales

We are pleased to present another moving story from their renowned series Grim Tales! Your sister Luisa requires your assistance once more in solving a peculiar string of crimes afflicting her museum and others throughout the city. No one saw the suspects arrive, and they left few traces. Use your abilities to travel back in time and find the criminals. But be careful, since this charming hidden-object puzzle adventure game will also reveal a devastating fact about the Gray family! Would you change the past if you could, just to make your friends' lives easier? You, Jared, have the opportunity to find out!





- Earn Achievements, acquire Morphing Objects, and piece together secret puzzles to make downloadable screensavers!

- Download one-of-a-kind, original artwork and soundtracks!

- Replay HOPs and Mini-Games to get entrance to the Secret Room, which has more difficult gameplay and tasks!

- Allow the handy Strategy Guide to keep you on track!

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