Grim Tales: The Generous Gift Collector’s Edition

A birthday present reveals a diabolical kidnapping scheme!
The Generous Gift CE in Grim Tales

Grim Tales: The Generous Gift is the next exciting episode in the Gray Family saga. When a mysterious birthday present arrives for Anna Gray's daughter, Alice, the stage is set for a sophisticated and hazardous kidnapping scheme. Alice is now missing, and someone is closing up loose ends. Can you assist Anna in following the clues to determine the identities of the kidnappers and reclaim her daughter without becoming the next victim? Discover the answer in this exciting new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure! In the bonus game, you must stop a mystery time traveler from destroying time itself!





- Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games to discover what's hidden behind the Secret Door!

- There are a plethora of collectibles and morphs to be discovered!

- Get access to unique wallpapers, concept art, screensavers, music, and other goodies!

- With the strategy guide, you'll never get lost!

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