Grim Tales: Dual Disposition CE

Will you be able to protect magic from your doppelgänger in Grim Tales: Dual Disposition CE

Called in to investigate the break-in and ransacking of an unusual souvenir business, Anna Gray finds herself entangled in a web of mystery. However, upon arrival, a startling revelation unfolds—she is the prime suspect! It is discovered that her duplicate, with nefarious intentions, aims to halt the flow of magic and usurp her powers.

Lady A's wicked schemes and the prospect of traversing new universes necessitate the full extent of Anna's abilities and knowledge. Cooperation with long-time allies becomes imperative in the endeavor to preserve the magical sources and promptly clear her tarnished name.

In this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure, the unraveling of the mystery awaits. Will you embark on this journey of intrigue and redemption?


Collector's Edition Features:


  • Engage in the Bonus Game to continue your adventures alongside the Keeper!
  • Utilize the Archives to revisit HOPs and mini-games at your leisure!
  • Explore crevices and corners to collect cryptids and puzzle pieces!
  • Immerse yourself in unique backgrounds, captivating music, and more!
  • Let the strategy guide be your beacon, ensuring you never lose your way!
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