Grim Facade: The Cost of Jealousy Collector’s Edition

A basic murder inquiry in Spain turns into a perplexing whodunit full of intrigue.

In Grim Façade: The Cost of Jealousy, solve a perplexing whodunit! You've been summoned to Spain to look into the death of a bereaved woman's husband. But what appears to be a simple case quickly becomes a complex enigma full of twists and turns. You must use your abilities to stay one step ahead of the murderer before becoming his next victim. But figuring out who they are won't be simple in this tale of deception, betrayal, and disguise. In this intriguing Hidden Object mystery, everyone is a suspect!This is a Collector's Edition edition with exclusive bonuses not found in the ordinary version.



Features include:


-A bonus narrative with an unexpected twist!

-Awesome screensavers!

-Downloadable music tracks

-Wallpaper and concept art

-Integrated Strategy Guide

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