Grim Facade: The Artist and The Pretender CE

A dictator has taken control of Florence and is destroying precious paintings!

A mechanical pigeon knocks on your window, bearing a message from famed creator Leonardo da Vinci! A man claiming to be a powerful mage has conquered his hometown of Florence, Italy. He has the ability to soar through the air, produce balls of fire, and anticipate tragedies... But his true goal is to destroy all works of art and science! He is opposed by a small resistance group of common citizens. Will they be able to stop him from erasing all knowledge and creativity? In this fascinating Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, join the resistance and strive to defeat the mysterious mage! This is a Collector's Edition release with additional goodies not found in the ordinary version.





- In the bonus game, help the mayor restore Florence!

- Earn achievements and restore Da Vinci's stories by collecting coins.

- A Strategy Guide is provided.

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