Golden Rails 6: Harvest of Riddles Collector’s Edition

A new journey filled with treachery, corruption, and bravery!

Embark on a thrilling journey with Golden Rails 6: Harvest of Riddles Collector's Edition. Join the dynamic duo, Jack and Jill, in unraveling mysteries, exposing corruption, and restoring justice.

Immerse yourself in 45 levels, each with exciting time constraints. Discover hints in a new mode, earn accomplishments, and unlock enhancements. Choose your difficulty level—Hard, Normal, or Easy—and triumph with a few simple clicks.

Indulge in the Collector's Edition for an extra chapter, fifteen more levels, and additional mini-games. Enjoy 2D animation videos, a detailed level guide, and adorable downloadable music. Beautify your desktop with lovely wallpapers and collect 60 charming owls.

Join Jack and Jill's latest adventure, filled with surprises and intrigue. Can you unearth the truth, save the day, and put things back in order? Gather the facts now and savor the excitement!

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