Golden Rails 2 Small Town Story Collector’s Edition

Tame the Wild West in this family-friendly adventure!
CE for Golden Rails: Small Town Story

As you create a railroad that runs across America and strive to put a trigger-happy bandit behind the prison, the Old West meets the New Frontier! A realm of possibilities awaits Jack and Jill as they embark on a well-deserved vacation after their first experience in the American West. The abrupt snap of a pistol and the clatter of hooves, however, marked the beginning of a new trip that would take them even deeper into the lawless frontier! After saving a local mayor from probable death, Jack and Jill embark on a mission to construct a railroad that would connect his small village to the civilized world. But, while they work to calm the harsh terrain, Raging Buford and his gang of robbers stand in their way at every turn. You'll have to work smart to rebuild communities and think quickly to keep the outlaws at bay, thanks to a simple yet novel bonus system that allows players to choose the optimal strategy for completing a level. Along the way, you'll gather Native American assistance, solve ingenious puzzles, and discover surprising twists in the engaging plot! Are you ready to tame the Wild West in a family-friendly adventure?



Collector's Edition Features:


- Extra chapter with 10 levels

- Step-by-step guide

- Boot-tapping digital soundtrack

- Colorful desktop wallpapers

- 50 rousing levels

- 5 shooting galleries

- Hidden villains to locate

- Innovative bonus system

- Easy, Normal, and Hard settings

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