Gloomy Tales: One Way Ticket Collector’s Edition

Gloomy Tales: One Way Ticket investigates the mysterious disappearances at the Halloween party.

The century's biggest Halloween party has arrived! When you and your friends arrive at the scary, ancient house for a night of fun and terror, things swiftly become terrifying beyond anything you could have imagined for Halloween. Millie, your companion, has been kidnapped by a terrifying creature in the middle of a party! Only you have the power to save her, but you'll have to put your own life in peril to do so when you enter the hereafter. The good news is that Professor Power and his sister Astra will help you get there, and Faceless, a nice ghost, wants to help you mislead Allister on his own territory. As if that weren't enough, the party's host, Anna Charlestone, has also had some paranormal encounters, though she isn't as forthcoming about them. What dark secrets does she keep hidden? Play right away to find out!




Get ready for the next spine-chilling narrative in the Bonus Chapter!

Take advantage of a wide range of special wallpapers, concept art, music, and more!

Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games to get accomplishments.

Collect goodies and bonuses!

You'll never get lost with the Strategy Guide.

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