Gloomy Tales: Horrific Show Collector’s Edition

A circus experience that includes an actual disappearance!
Don't let evil forces hurt your sister!

The legendary touring circus will be in Seattle this Halloween! Real monsters will appear on stage, and your sister Annabelle is ecstatic! Annabelle volunteers to perform a disappearing act on stage as the event begins. However, the circus tent begins to burn, and you lose sight of Annabelle in the crowd, being stuck within. As you leave, you look for your sister... But the circus owner will not let you go! Defeat monsters and find secret artefacts in the nightmare world to save Annabelle.





- In the Bonus Chapter, save your hometown against a man who has returned from a parallel realm!

- Collect all of the circus coupons to purchase props for your show!

- Complete challenging puzzles and mini-games to win more awards!

- Find the hidden rewards scattered around the game to discover more about circus life!

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