Gingerbread Story

Save Tommy from the wrath of the witch!

Once upon a time, in a dark faraway forest, two poor beings named Tommy and Lisa were out on a walk when they stumbled across a magnificent house covered in sweets. In the gorgeous house lived a peculiar elderly lady. She enticed the children to come inside by providing tasty sweets. The lady was revealed to be an enraged witch. She snatched Tommy and tossed him into a cage. Lisa will now have to complete a number of activities in order to save her brother from the evil witch. The elderly woman instructed Lisa to locate the missing gingerbread man, the path to which she will discover on a magical map. Only then will Tommy be free!





- Collect all sorts of sweets to reach your objectives!

- A cast of people who will assist you!

- You will go to unusual and delightful corners of the globe!

- A range of unique level challenges!

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