Gardens Inc. – From Rakes to Riches

In this hard Time Management game, you must plant and raise magnificent gardens!

In this fantastic gardening adventure, you must save your grandparents from a nefarious real estate tycoon. Jill was looking forward to seeing her grandparents, but when she arrived, she discovered that they were going to lose their home to a greedy real estate mogul. If Jill does not act quickly, the bulldozers will demolish their lovely paradise. Determined to assist her grandparents, she embarks on an entrepreneurial venture that would soon transform their lives. Join Jill at her new company Gardens Inc. and help her preserve not only her grandparents, but the entire city from the unscrupulous developer. Play 50 fantastic levels clearing, planting, and raising magnificent gardens. Plant and raise beautiful gardens in this colorful Time Management challenge.





-Play 50 bountiful levels from the suburbs to the swamplands.

-Clear paths, collect resources, and build new gardens.

-Use power-ups as you race for trophies.

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