Forest Legends: Call of Love Collector’s Edition

Through a magical forest resounds the Call of Love.
Will you respond?

In the center of a magical woodland, a forbidden love blossoms. Despite the fact that Eveline and Aurelio are not related, their unadulterated love has the capacity to heal division and unite the globe. Then Aurelio is abducted and his execution is planned by his own race, a race of werecats capable of assuming human shape. Assist the human Eveline in discovering her remarkable destiny, the truth about magic, and rescuing her sweetheart from a tyrant's grasp! As you progress through the ambitious Forest Legends: The Call of Love Collector's Edition, you will discover a world rich in captivating sounds and melodies along with breathtaking visual detail. Along with meeting and interacting with a variety of fascinating individuals, you will also encounter a dancing scarecrow, a pixie who is stuck, and a healer who has a secret. And as you locate and learn how to use various objects, you will solve dozens of clever riddles. Forest Legends is an epic tale that explores themes of love and belief, captivating the reader from start to finish. Has the call reached you?

The Collector's Edition of Forest Legends: The Call of Love includes desktop wallpapers, downloadable music, and a bonus chapter that delves deeper into the elaborate backstory of the main game.





- Five exciting chapters
- 68 captivating scenes
- 25 difficult mini-games
- Casual and Expert game modes
- Learn-as-you-play tutorial

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