Final Cut: Homage Collector’s Edition

This filmmaker has a sharp edge in Final Cut: Homage Collector's Edition!

In order to complete his magnum opus, a serial killer going by the name the Director has chosen to focus on your father's filmography, and he has put you in the lead role. The game-play feature lets you alternate between real-life scenes and the Director's movie sets. As the Director attempts to turn your family into works of art, save them from impending death by defeating him in a game of cat and mouse. And find out who the real Director is before the last credits appear! This is a unique Collector's Edition release with special extras that aren't included in the regular edition.





  • Take on the role of the investigator in the bonus game!
  • Find retro clapperboards buried throughout the game
  • Make use of the accessible Strategy Guide
  • Achieve cool achievements
  • Obtain concept art, wallpapers, and soundtracks
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