Final Cut: Fade to Black Collector’s Edition

A dispute in movies goes deadly!

Bernard, one of your friends, called you in a desperate attempt to get assistance. He believes the cinematic rivalry could soon become lethal because he has been looking into shady activities between two competing studios. However, when you go there to assist him, you discover that a catastrophe has already occurred your friend has passed away. To carry out his inquiry and exact revenge, follow the hints he provided. However, exercise caution as not all characters in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game are who they seem to be. with you included! Play brand-new Match-3s, riddles, and HOPs as you delve deeper into the deadly rivalry between the movie studios! Play minigames and puzzles from previous Final Cut games as well as this one!





- Unlock original music, wallpapers, films, and more as you gather mementoes and accomplish goals!

- Get the beneficial Strategy Guide here.

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