To save your pet, how far would you go?

To save your pet, how far would you go? Join a little child on an incredible adventure unlike any other as he sets out to save his dog Bear from an enigmatic fire hydrant that stole the dog in the middle of the night! A heartwarming adventure story, fetch will have you riveted to the screen the entire time! Fetch is an interactive animation that combines elements of childhood fun, adventure, and arcade. It transports you to a world of dark tunnels and sandy coasts, all while capturing the enduring emotion of puppy love. Are you up to the task of saving Bear? Get ready for an exciting ride full of loud barking and waving tails!





- Fight amusing aliens; find a prehistoric ocean; construct a robot; operate a rocket ship, and more!

- Play games reminiscent of an arcade, such as Pier Pressure and Rainbow Snake Time, and challenge your friends and family to the greatest score!
- Enduring personalities offer a timeless
- Save animal companions and solve the puzzle of who is responsible for the global WOOF disappearances!

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